Awareness of European cultural heritage through innovative and active methodologies


I hosted a very polite and sweet Swedish boy, he always behaved politely with me, my family and the other students involved in the erasmus project, I've pretty much felt like an older brother during this period of time, and i hope he thinks the same thing about me.

Davide Scognamiglio

I have hosted a lovely German girl, and she was polite and sweet to me and my family, so I have a positive idea of this week spent together, and I hope she has got my same opinion; also I related with everyone, and every person in this project was so kind, good and funny, especially with the Polish and one of the Spanish students who I’m still in contact with/talk to them.

Francesca Cuccaro

I shared my room with a Swedish girl and this experience let me understand how many differences there are between our two countries, and this is very good to understand that we should learn and be prepared if we want to travel around, to work in Europe and be ready to accept other cultures and customs.

Marta Nasti


Before she came here, the German girl I hosted and I spoke a lot on social-medias and it was so nice to see her in person and share some days with her because we had  a lot of things in common, even if we are not in contact now, I'm sure that when we meet in Germany, we'll spend a fantastic time together

Irene Vitale

I hosted a Swedish girl, she was very nice and kind but sometimes when we were at home she didn’t talk much, anyway the experience was really cool and I can’t wait to see her again!

Giuliana Florio

I was really happy to join in this experience, I shared my days with my exchange-mate who was a Spanish student, sometimes we still talk and our friendship is funny and true. I can’t wait to see him again, and to know his traditions and his friends.

Riccardo Striano


I thought that this project could have been enjoyable and good , but I had some problems with my German exchange student, because he was a little bit rude with me, and I always paid attention to him because I was afraid of losing him.
But in general, I made new friends with whom I still talk to today.

Claudia Lusczceck

I shared this beautiful adventure with the cutest german girl. at first I was really nervous about meeting her, it was my first time ever in an erasmus project, but then we realized how much we actually had in common and we spent the best days together. she was really kind and nice to me and to my family. 
She’s always going to have a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to see her again.

Germana Savino

I‘ve hosted a super nice and polite student from Poland. The week we spent together has been truly amazing, it gave me the chance to get in touch with other customs and lifestyles I was not used to.
Also meeting the other students involved in the erasmus project turned out to be a very pleasant and funny experience.
Can’t wait to see all of them again!

Giulia Buongiovanni

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